Ozeri 4x Digital Pedometer

I used to be a regular attender at the local sports centre. Frequently doing classes, using the gym or going for a swim. I will be honest I wouldn’t say I loved it, it was more a necessity than choice, it stopped me looking like the size of a house!! You see I’ve always battled with my weight, at school I ballooned to a dress size 22. Being this size and my dodgy haircut put me at the forefront for a lot of teasing.

Once I’d got through college I decided enough was enough, the weight had to go! Eating healthily (90% of the time) and exercise kept me at a comfortable size 12-14. Which is ok as I’m 5’10” so can carry it.

I gained just under 2 stone whilst I was pregnant…….and I’m still holding onto over a stone of it 3 years later! Nowadays getting to the gym or a class is nearly impossible and the only swimming I do is at Little C’s swimming lesson (not much lol). I do try and jog in the nicer weather but just can’t face it in the winter, far too cold and dark.

I jumped at the chance when I was offered the opportunity to review the Ozeri 4×3 motion digital pedometer.

I immediately loved the bright yellow colour. It was easy to set up as it came with comprehensive user instructions. During set up you are required to enter your weight and stride length, the pedometer can then give you accurate calories burned.
Other pedometers I’ve used in the past have needed to be kept a certain way up, causing inaccuracies in step count if turned the wrong way. This is because they would traditionally count your steps using a pendulum. The 4×3 motion digital pedometer has a built in tri-axis sensor, meaning it can detect 3D motion so it doesn’t matter which way up it is. This is a great feature as it means it can just be placed in your pocket or bag.
The manufacturer does recommend that it is kept secure and not swinging loose to maintain accuracy. It’s supplied with a lanyard to enable you to wear it round your neck. I would have also liked a clip so I could have securely attached it to my pocket.
It automatically resets each day and has a 7 day historical data which is easily accessible. I did find that after the 7 days was up it reset itself and I had to reset the calendar and everything again, this only takes seconds to do but may become irritating after a while.

Research shows that walking 10,000 steps or more per day can significantly increase your health. Since using the pedometer I have become very aware of how many steps I’m taking and continuously try to beat the amount I did the day before. As the saying in weight loss goes ‘if you’re moving you’re losing’!!