Portugal with a 3 month old! #AfWishIWasThere

Al Fresco holidays are running a competition called Wish I Was There. Offering the chance to win £400 of holiday vouchers and a camera. This gave me food for thought as a holiday is just what we need 🙂

We were thinking about a holiday long before we even knew that little C was cooking. Originally it was camping in France. Then we discovered we were pregnant so a change of plan and off to a villa in Portugal we went.

Well flying with a 3 month old wasn’t as stressful as I’d thought and once there we had an amazing time. It was just what we needed although the weather was very hot. Now don’t get me wrong I usually love warmer weather but I was a typical neurotic first time mother! You’d think I was transporting a celebrity around in the hire car hiding from paparazzi with the amount of shade I was providing! And when in the pushchair we are not talking shade think more total uv and sun block out! The poor little fella didn’t see day light for 2 weeks! Lol.

My most memorable moment was when we were all swimming in the pool and Little C was chilling out watching us. It really was a beautiful holiday.
My partners family are planning a trip again to the same villa unfortunately due to finances (just moved house) we are not able to go with them. This has been quite upsetting really as we have such lovely memories from the first time round. Little C is that much older so would be super excited to be going on a plane and to be visiting a new place.

I wish we were back there because time is precious. It’s very rare that we spend time together as a whole family due to crossing shift patterns and both working full time. Any annual leave taken where we stay at home invariably ends up being the start of another unfinished DIY project on the house. So a foreign holiday is an ideal opportunity to forget about the day to day things and just enjoy being a family.