Pizza Men!

Am getting really sick of making sandwiches for Little C for lunch. Then I had a brain wave!!

Little C loves to bake but I’m currently on a diet to shed my long over due baby weight (nearly 3 yrs overdue!). So baking cakes is classed as a fatal episode. I just can’t not eat them. I have strong enough will power not to eat store bought cake but I just have not got enough of the will power to resist fresh home made cake 😦

2 birds with one stone!! Pizza men! Like ginger bread men but a savoury version. It was very simple made the pizza dough. We rolled it out. Cut out our desired shapes. Let it rise in a warm place then applied the toppings and baked in the oven.
Easy peasy and Little C loved munching on them.
Only drawback is it took me ages to clean the kitchen and I’m still finding bits of dough now lol


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