Ahhh Sunshine at last!!

We live in East Devon. You may or may not have seen on the news about the disastrous flooding that has happened recently? It has ruined lots of peoples homes and created havoc for all kinds of transport. I feel we are lucky in that our home is relatively unaffected…….apart from the leak in the roof but at least it is still standing and we have our home. For this I am thankful.

Due to the adverse weather conditions we have sort of become prisoners in our home. Unable really to go out and let Little C run off energy. It’s been terrible. We usually go out every day as I feel it helps to keep me sane! I think I suffer cabin fever lol. For the past 3 mornings we have woken up to hideous weather. We have baked, painted and played numerous games but tempers and tantrums were fraying…….we needed to get out!

This mornings sunshine was a welcome break. We grabbed our welly boots and hot footed it to the beach. Desperate not to miss a second of the glorious Vitamin D!! And as an added bonus LLP (Life Long Partner) aka Daddy was on lates so he was able to join us.


Today has been the perfect end to my 2 weeks of Annual Leave…….back to work tomorrow!


Time flies!!!

Why is it that a normal working week can invariably drag, yet 2 weeks of annual leave flies by?
Seriously blink and you’ll miss it! Im creeping to the end of my second week and it’s going far too fast for my liking 😦

I had so many plans for my time off. Clean the house, get the ironing up to date, batch cook some meals etc the list goes on. In reality I’ve had lots of play dates with Little C and trying to get from A to B without the car drowning thats about it!! I actually think that the house is more untidy than usual, we are still in creased clothes and the cobwebs are still there!

It’s amazing how tiring not going to work is! Due to local flooding we are sort of house bound. I have however used this opportunity and ventured into trying to de clutter the loft. I can’t believe the amount of rubbish we moved with. Why didn’t we just throw it out before we moved?!

I seem to be emotionally attached to junk! The most random of things seem to be difficult to throw away. Out of 5 boxes that came down only 2 boxes went back up, I’m quite pleased with that 🙂
(Only 35 more boxes to sort)

I find parting with anything of Little C’s very difficult. Be it toys or baby clothes or toddler clothes come to that, I just can’t bring myself to give them away or sell them.

I think I’m a secret hoarder! Wonder if hypnotherapy will help lol ??



Awkward questions and not even 3!!

I frequently shower in the mornings with Little C. Unless it’s a work day then I get it all to myself 🙂
I mainly do this because he really enjoys playing with water, we are always running late and at least if he is in the shower with me he can’t be creating havoc anywhere else in my absence!

Today as most days we embarked in the shower. I’m merrily washing my hair with the amazing new shampoo I’ve got from my sister-in-law (she’s a hairdresser). It smells amazing and cleans product out of my hair brilliantly. I almost felt like I was being pampered having a posh hair wash. Then came the question.

Little C:- “Mama I got a willy”
Me:- “yes that’s right”
Little C:- “Mama what you got “?
Me:- “errrrrr”!!!!! “Where’s your flashing duck”?

Ok so I know a change of subject possibly wasn’t the correct thing to do but this mama needed time to think. He caught me unawares. I was at a complete loss as to what to say. Luckily he found his flashing duck and began playing his favourite game of trying to teach it it swim. I’m at work all weekend so have 2 child free showers ahead of me and I’m confident that by Monday I’ll have an answer ready 🙂



Baby Weight

Having a baby is wonderful for many reasons. One of which is that you can become fat without anyone commenting on it 🙂 it’s probably the only time in your life when gaining 2 stone in less than a year is completely acceptable and you’re told you’re looking good for it!!!

Then you give birth and you’re 8lb bundle means when you stand on the scales you’re still 2 stone overweight! How did that one happen?? Surely you should be a bit lighter?? Well not in my case lol
I managed to lose a stone of it fairly quickly but the other one lingered. And what with all the “play dates” that had the cake and latte rituals. The unwelcome stone was not budging!

Then I went back to work!! You see the thing with nursing is we frequently miss our meal breaks, we barely drink and if truth be told only pee once a day. We do however get bought a colossal amount of unhealthy food items. Sweets, chocolates, biscuits, cake. You name it, if it’s calorific and unhealthy we probably have it on our nurses desk. And it’s probably in the process of being devoured!
When you’re hungry it’s just easy to dip into a sweet tin and munch. It also does the job, tastes nice and prevents you passing out when standing up from emptying a catheter…..bonus!
Don’t try and tell me to have healthy stuff near it instead as my fat club leader is forever coming up with healthy alternatives…..grapes, carrot sticks, melon. But let’s be honest, given the choice how many would choose a carrot stick over a Cadbury miniature hero???

Well enough is enough. It’s become embarrassing as I still blame being overweight on having a baby. Which is fine but when people start looking around for your baby and all they find is Little C who is rapidly approaching the big 3, it gets a bit awkward!
To help me shed the excess pounds I’ve joined a slimming club. I’m doing ok but temptation is at every angle! Right now I’m thinking about haribo sweets lol

I’m considering trying an exercise DVD as realistically working full time and looking after Little C leaves no room to go to the gym or classes.

Can anyone recommend a good one that is easy to follow?
How have you all beaten your baby bulge???



Ozeri Duo Ultra Pepper and Salt Grinder

I have very kindly been sent the Ozeri Duo Ultra Pepper and Salt Grinder to review. It’s RRP is £29.99 but can be found on amazon for £9.95. I’ve never had an all in one grinder and normally just buy the pre filled disposable ones so was quite excited to try it.

It arrived well packaged and is pleasing to the eye. The black and brushed steel gives a contemporary feel and would look good on most dining tables.


The usage instructions were clear and easy to follow. It was surprisingly simple to fill. There is a removable lid that acts as a funnel. I didn’t have any leakage of pepper into the salt compartment or vice versa. Ready for use at the table in minutes and there is an adjustable grinder so you can choose your own personal preference of grain.

We have been using it for a couple of weeks now. It is a really nice product and looks nice on the table. I do have a couple of little issues. The left right twist action is very sensitive it’s very easy to accidentally put the wrong seasoning on your dinner. I also find that bits of salt and pepper stick to the bottom of the grinder (this is normal and happens on most grinders) but because it’s a duo you can get little bits of salt or pepper on your dinner when you don’t want it there. I’m not a salt lover so never add it to my dinner, it’s annoying when salt falls on by accident.

Little C is also a black pepper fan. He likes to grind his own. It’s very risky letting him use this because it is so easy to accidentally twist it the wrong way.

All this said I really do like the grinder it’s nice to hold and use. Because of the salt issues we have decided to use it as a pepper grinder only. Black peppercorns in one side and white peppercorns in the other.


Disclaimer:- I was sent this product free of charge. All opinions expressed are honest and my own.


Nursery is looming

Just confirmed Little Cs nursery place. It’s now official he has a start date and set days. One nursery day is when I am working, the other nursery day is on my day off.
Right I’m a mess I can’t stop crying. I know that he will be fine and will most probably love it. It’s me, I’m being completely selfish, the thought of him being away from me on a day when I don’t have to work is unbearable.
What will I do? I can’t remember what I did in my spare time before Little C arrived! You see some people would call me boring and sad. I never planned to have a child but now I do I suppose everything I do is for him. I feel that time is precious especially because of the job I do so I don’t like to waste or feel like I’m missing a second.
Nursery I’m sure will give Little C heaps more independence and start preparing him for school. Actually that should probably say start preparing me for when he goes to school!!!
And you never know our house may actually be tidy on nursery day 🙂



Time flys when you’re having fun!!

Oh my days where have the last few weeks gone??!! Christmas is fast approaching and I’ve gone from being super cool and organised to a disorganised wreck.
I ordered my Christmas cards really early (organised) but have only just started to send them so it’s a mad dash to catch last post (not so organised). Majority of presents bought and wrapped by November (organised), failed to write a list so have no idea what is in each present or who has been completed or not? Well in October I knew what all the different coloured paper meant but sadly now I’m in December I can’t remember. Soooo should of written a list (disorganised!).
Oh well some people will be extra lucky and have plenty of gifts under our tree 🙂
Speaking of which this year is the first time I’ve ever had a real Christmas tree! We have always had an artificial one even as a child growing up.
I had my reservations, nightmares of waking Christmas morning to a brown twig in the corner of the room. Pine needles everywhere from the cat climbing the tree! Good news it’s still perfectly green and smells amazing! And, well, my fat cat is too lazy to climb a tree! Why climb a tree when there’s a perfectly good bed to be asleep on!!


I’ve also been suffering palpitations the last few days as Little C has asked for one thing from Santa. A train! But not just any train a Percy and a James. Percy was easy got him no problems but James on the other hand has been more tricky! I’ve trawled through amazon and the whole of the web for flaming James. Everywhere is either out of stock or just too expensive (I’m not tight but refuse to pay £30 for something I know retails at £9.99!!!)
Apparently according to a toy shop Thomas wooden railway has been discontinued? Gutted we love that stuff! Anyway I found one on eBay, new in box 🙂 hurrah. Was fearing the worst when it hadn’t arrived yesterday, but today the postman did well. I was so chuffed I hugged him……one very shocked postie!!!
Hope all your internet purchases arrive in time. 🙂