Grateful for the little things

As another busy shift at ‘the office’ draws to an end it’s left me feeling desperate for the door grateful. I’m grateful for lots of things but firstly for the many wonderful, funny and supportive colleagues I have the pleasure of sharing my working life with.

For the loving family that patiently wait for me to arrive home with a hot cup of tea……usually at the very least 30 minutes later than I should arrive! Then listen and offer hugs and more tea when needed.

For the little boy who greets me on a Monday morning with excited eyes because I’m home and he has missed me over the weekend.

Life in our household may never be 100% perfect but 99% of the time I think we are happy. We laugh daily and we have our health and for that I’m truly grateful.


And then out of the darkest clouds appeared a rainbow or two 🙂


Pizza Men!

Am getting really sick of making sandwiches for Little C for lunch. Then I had a brain wave!!

Little C loves to bake but I’m currently on a diet to shed my long over due baby weight (nearly 3 yrs overdue!). So baking cakes is classed as a fatal episode. I just can’t not eat them. I have strong enough will power not to eat store bought cake but I just have not got enough of the will power to resist fresh home made cake 😦

2 birds with one stone!! Pizza men! Like ginger bread men but a savoury version. It was very simple made the pizza dough. We rolled it out. Cut out our desired shapes. Let it rise in a warm place then applied the toppings and baked in the oven.
Easy peasy and Little C loved munching on them.
Only drawback is it took me ages to clean the kitchen and I’m still finding bits of dough now lol


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