About Us

Hello my name is Marissa. I’m…….well lets just say over 30 🙂 I work full time and when I’m not at work I’m looking after my son, Little C (who’s not so little really), born in 2011.

We are a family of 4, myself, Daddy AKA “LLP” (Life Long Partner, read my first post and it’ll hopefully make sense), Little C and Ted the cat.We live in Devon about 8 miles from Exeter on the coast.


I started this blog as Life seems to fly by nowadays. I’m balancing a busy work life with an even busier family life and wanted somewhere that I could share random things and then later look back upon and remember. Also I’d like to have the occasional moan 🙂

Why the name? Mamaknowsbest2…………….my little boy calls me mama, I like to think that I know what’s best for me and my family and so does Little C lol hence the 2. As with any first time parent, you like to think you are doing things right and know what is best for your family……it’s not until you look upon these decisions months later and realise maybe they weren’t the best lol. But hey that’s how you learn! And hindsight is a wonderful tool 😉

Blogging well anything to do with computers doesn’t really come naturally to me. If I could blog on paper i’d have loads of content but I’m slow in the world of modern technology! Also working full time on my days off the daylight hours belong to Little C (it’s the working parent guilt thing), then i have to give an hour or so to try to make the house presentable. Then i can attempt my new found blogging hobby.



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