Iphone 5 case #mrnutcase

I’ve been a big fan of the Iphone. Ever since I had my first Iphone 3G I was hooked. I’ve learnt a few things about what not to do to them over the years but the main things are they don’t like to be dropped and they scratch very easily!!

Little C frequently likes to play on my phone. It’s a constant worry as he doesn’t fully understand that it is an expensive piece of technology that requires handling with care!

I was offered a 100% discount code from MrNutcase.com for a slimline Iphone 5 case RRP £14.95. Cases for tablets and different phones are available. The website was very easy to use. There are lots of pre designed cases to choose from, or the option to personalise your own. This again was very simple to do. Just a matter of uploading a picture of your choice to their website using the design templates provided. I chose just to have one picture on my cover but there are multiple design options available.

From start to finish it took me 10 minutes to design my case and place my order. The case arrived well packaged a day later.

I’m really impressed with the case. It did have a funny inky smell but this soon evaporated. It fits my phone well and is made from hard durable plastic as well as protecting the back of the phone and wraps around to protect the sides and corners. It seems to be keeping my phone in good visual order…..although it hasn’t been dropped yet lol. I’ll keep you posted about that one! Having a photo on the back makes it really personal, I’ve had lots of admirers.

These cases would make an ideal gift for someone or a nice treat for yourself 🙂

Many thanks to MrNutcase for supplying this case for review.



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