Ahhh Sunshine at last!!

We live in East Devon. You may or may not have seen on the news about the disastrous flooding that has happened recently? It has ruined lots of peoples homes and created havoc for all kinds of transport. I feel we are lucky in that our home is relatively unaffected…….apart from the leak in the roof but at least it is still standing and we have our home. For this I am thankful.

Due to the adverse weather conditions we have sort of become prisoners in our home. Unable really to go out and let Little C run off energy. It’s been terrible. We usually go out every day as I feel it helps to keep me sane! I think I suffer cabin fever lol. For the past 3 mornings we have woken up to hideous weather. We have baked, painted and played numerous games but tempers and tantrums were fraying…….we needed to get out!

This mornings sunshine was a welcome break. We grabbed our welly boots and hot footed it to the beach. Desperate not to miss a second of the glorious Vitamin D!! And as an added bonus LLP (Life Long Partner) aka Daddy was on lates so he was able to join us.


Today has been the perfect end to my 2 weeks of Annual Leave…….back to work tomorrow!


19 thoughts on “Ahhh Sunshine at last!!

  1. What a lovely way to end your annual leave, the rain is driving me to drink…tea I might add…roll on spring, looks like little man is enjoying the intake of vitamin D

    • It was it’s been such a lovely day although the rain has started again…I may need a dinghy to get to work in the morning. Hope you had cake with that tea, it’s the law!!

  2. We’ve been going a bit stir-crazy here too. We’ve managed to get out for an hour here or there, but nothing like what we’re used to. I’m craving fresh air and sunshine. I hope we get a clear spell soon. Like you, we’ll head down to the beach too. Glad you had such a lovely last day of your break.

    • Thank you I’m new to blogging so it takes me a while to do anything on here lol
      We are in exmouth, minimal damage to our house but held hostage by flood water elsewhere. Hopefully the train lines will be rebuilt soon as the south west is now cut off 😦

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