Awkward questions and not even 3!!

I frequently shower in the mornings with Little C. Unless it’s a work day then I get it all to myself šŸ™‚
I mainly do this because he really enjoys playing with water, we are always running late and at least if he is in the shower with me he can’t be creating havoc anywhere else in my absence!

Today as most days we embarked in the shower. I’m merrily washing my hair with the amazing new shampoo I’ve got from my sister-in-law (she’s a hairdresser). It smells amazing and cleans product out of my hair brilliantly. I almost felt like I was being pampered having a posh hair wash. Then came the question.

Little C:- “Mama I got a willy”
Me:- “yes that’s right”
Little C:- “Mama what you got “?
Me:- “errrrrr”!!!!! “Where’s your flashing duck”?

Ok so I know a change of subject possibly wasn’t the correct thing to do but this mama needed time to think. He caught me unawares. I was at a complete loss as to what to say. Luckily he found his flashing duck and began playing his favourite game of trying to teach it it swim. I’m at work all weekend so have 2 child free showers ahead of me and I’m confident that by Monday I’ll have an answer ready šŸ™‚



4 thoughts on “Awkward questions and not even 3!!

  1. Love the post it made me laugh out loud. Lets hope he doesn’t think it’s called a flashing duck, that really would be awkward lol

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