Baby Weight

Having a baby is wonderful for many reasons. One of which is that you can become fat without anyone commenting on it 🙂 it’s probably the only time in your life when gaining 2 stone in less than a year is completely acceptable and you’re told you’re looking good for it!!!

Then you give birth and you’re 8lb bundle means when you stand on the scales you’re still 2 stone overweight! How did that one happen?? Surely you should be a bit lighter?? Well not in my case lol
I managed to lose a stone of it fairly quickly but the other one lingered. And what with all the “play dates” that had the cake and latte rituals. The unwelcome stone was not budging!

Then I went back to work!! You see the thing with nursing is we frequently miss our meal breaks, we barely drink and if truth be told only pee once a day. We do however get bought a colossal amount of unhealthy food items. Sweets, chocolates, biscuits, cake. You name it, if it’s calorific and unhealthy we probably have it on our nurses desk. And it’s probably in the process of being devoured!
When you’re hungry it’s just easy to dip into a sweet tin and munch. It also does the job, tastes nice and prevents you passing out when standing up from emptying a catheter…..bonus!
Don’t try and tell me to have healthy stuff near it instead as my fat club leader is forever coming up with healthy alternatives…..grapes, carrot sticks, melon. But let’s be honest, given the choice how many would choose a carrot stick over a Cadbury miniature hero???

Well enough is enough. It’s become embarrassing as I still blame being overweight on having a baby. Which is fine but when people start looking around for your baby and all they find is Little C who is rapidly approaching the big 3, it gets a bit awkward!
To help me shed the excess pounds I’ve joined a slimming club. I’m doing ok but temptation is at every angle! Right now I’m thinking about haribo sweets lol

I’m considering trying an exercise DVD as realistically working full time and looking after Little C leaves no room to go to the gym or classes.

Can anyone recommend a good one that is easy to follow?
How have you all beaten your baby bulge???



2 thoughts on “Baby Weight

  1. The best thing I can recommend is to have another! Seriously, I was huge after I had Ethan and had nearly lost it all just over 3 years later when I got pregnant with Fyfa. Since I have had her the weight has dropped off! I think running around after 2 really helps shed the pounds! That’s probably not what you wanted to hear was it?!

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