Time flys when you’re having fun!!

Oh my days where have the last few weeks gone??!! Christmas is fast approaching and I’ve gone from being super cool and organised to a disorganised wreck.
I ordered my Christmas cards really early (organised) but have only just started to send them so it’s a mad dash to catch last post (not so organised). Majority of presents bought and wrapped by November (organised), failed to write a list so have no idea what is in each present or who has been completed or not? Well in October I knew what all the different coloured paper meant but sadly now I’m in December I can’t remember. Soooo should of written a list (disorganised!).
Oh well some people will be extra lucky and have plenty of gifts under our tree 🙂
Speaking of which this year is the first time I’ve ever had a real Christmas tree! We have always had an artificial one even as a child growing up.
I had my reservations, nightmares of waking Christmas morning to a brown twig in the corner of the room. Pine needles everywhere from the cat climbing the tree! Good news it’s still perfectly green and smells amazing! And, well, my fat cat is too lazy to climb a tree! Why climb a tree when there’s a perfectly good bed to be asleep on!!


I’ve also been suffering palpitations the last few days as Little C has asked for one thing from Santa. A train! But not just any train a Percy and a James. Percy was easy got him no problems but James on the other hand has been more tricky! I’ve trawled through amazon and the whole of the web for flaming James. Everywhere is either out of stock or just too expensive (I’m not tight but refuse to pay £30 for something I know retails at £9.99!!!)
Apparently according to a toy shop Thomas wooden railway has been discontinued? Gutted we love that stuff! Anyway I found one on eBay, new in box 🙂 hurrah. Was fearing the worst when it hadn’t arrived yesterday, but today the postman did well. I was so chuffed I hugged him……one very shocked postie!!!
Hope all your internet purchases arrive in time. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Time flys when you’re having fun!!

  1. Have visions of your postman….it made me smile, I understand your reservations about “real” trees, I’ve not had one since Old Dog may view it as his personal urinal !!!!, your tree looks stunning 🙂

    • Sorry for the late reply. Thank you. The tree went very droopy in the end……well you don’t have to water artificial ones!!! We now know for next year lol
      Hope you had a great Christmas and that your dog didn’t mark his territory too much 🙂 xx

      • Due to 2nd born now being a single full time daddy, and not having much spare cash we lent him ALL our Christmas trimmings, the only thing we has left was a felted robin which we set out with much ceremony, Christmas was wonderful as always 😀

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