Happy Advent :-)

Well folks today is day one of the Christmas countdown.

Anyone who knows me will confirm that I am a bit of a Christmas humbug. I don’t really enjoy Christmas. I regarded it as a hype with a bit of an anticlimax at the end. I chose to work every Christmas day, letting those around me who were obviously way more excited than myself have it off. Deep down this all stems from losing my dad shortly after Christmas five years ago.

But two years ago that changed. Little C was now here and suddenly I realised that Christmas could be a happy and more positive experience again. It has become my mission to make it as special as I can for him. I want him to be really excited and look forward Christmas.

This is the first year he has really taken any notice of the festivities (much to my disappointment in previous years). He is now really aware of and, mesmerised by the Christmas trees and lights that are displayed in shop windows (they seem to display them earlier and earlier!). I wanted a way to captivate this excitement. To see him excited every day from December the first through to Christmas day. What better way than an advent Calendar.

I didn’t want to just get a shop bought chocolate calendar as I’d like this to become a tradition, something he will look forward to for years to come and potentially carry on to his children. I decided to use a wooden advent calendar that I could fill with treats myself, making it unique experience each year.

So I had the idea now i just needed the calendar! I’m well-known for my great spur of the moment ideas. They usually happen at 3am on a work day!! And true to form I pitched up to work on Saturday 30th November with my latest idea. We did have a wooden calendar but it became damaged because our old house had a damp problem. Cutting a long story short i moaned about the calendar so much that my work colleague went and bought me a new one. 🙂  fetching it with her to work this morning for me!

And here it is………………….. its beautiful 🙂


I’m also well-known for being ‘fashionably’ late and am often told an earlier time than everyone else!! Does frequent lateness count as a tradition????

From this day forward our family tradition is to start the wooden calendar from the 2nd of December 😀 (I’m breaking the mould everyone starts on the 1st!)

What’s your tradition?  Whatever it is make sure you’re happy and enjoy it xx


4 thoughts on “Happy Advent :-)

  1. we only started ours today Marissa too, forgot to get it out yesterday, we have a home made one too which this year we changed the treats in x

  2. I’m at work this Christmas, Beloved is cooking lunch for the family for when I get home, maybe that could be a new tradition 🙂

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