Ginger bread men/kitchen!!

Was meant to meet a friend for a drink at lunchtime but after an a bad day yesterday I felt like a lazy day. Well as lazy as you can have with a 2 1/2 year old that is!!

So the burning question of the day was…… What shall I do to keep Little C amused?

I know we can bake 🙂
Then I remembered I was given a little Jamie Oliver gingerbread man baking set as a present. Ideal I had the tools I just needed the ingredients. A short bus ride and stopping to look at every Christmas tree he could find in shop windows (here was me thinking dogs and lamp posts were bad!) we had the ingredients.

It was really fun, Little C enjoyed making the gingerbread men and I was surprised at how long his concentration lasted. We had a good hour at it. I used the recipe from the bbc good food website.
The only alteration was the addition of more ginger, we all like things very gingery in our household which is just as well as Little C took the lid off and half the jar got mixed in. Our little gingerbread fellas have some kick!!

The cutters ware easy for little C to use himself and the rolling pin was just the right size. However we did have more mixture on the floor than in the bowl!!

Today really made me smile, I feel very thankful for what I have especially mine & my family’s health. It also reminded me that sometimes the awful days I have are far outweighed by reasons to smile.



3 thoughts on “Ginger bread men/kitchen!!

  1. Hi, I’m just popping over from the Weekend Blog Hop. I can’t wait until my little boy is big enough to bake with – I used to love baking with my gran when I was a kid!

    P.S. We’re blog twins – we have the same theme! It’s cute though 🙂

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