Oh No I'm in Blogging Trouble!!

OK so when i embarked on creating this blog i somehow forgot that I am incredibly computer illiterate!! No seriously i am useless.

my first post took me 20 minutes to write, then I lost it for 3 days!! found only by the help of the mighty wise one that is my blogging guru!! …………………….embarrassingly it was in drafts 😳

 I’m really hoping that it gets easier and i soon become computer savvy. However in the meantime i think i need a PA, so I’ve recruited LLP into this role 🙂 he hasnt exactly embraced his new job. far from it, I mean if i huffed and puffed at my employer as much as he has to me over the last few hours id be collecting my P45.

 Maybe PA sounds a bit girly?…….perhaps i will suggest the role of IT technical support assistant??

If i’m really struggling I could always recruit Little C after all he manages to navigate my iphone far better than i do 😕

Does anyone else struggle with computer stuff? Or am I really as silly as I feel 🙂



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