Let the blogging commence

I’ve been contemplating becoming a blogger for a little while now but struggled to find a way in which to open up the conversation…………until now πŸ™‚

I think my main issue was that I found the thought of writing ‘a blog’ a bit daunting. I just wanted to tell people a bit about myself, sort of dipping my toe into the blogging community, before committing to ‘the blog’. But ‘the blogs’ had other ideas…..it was full submersion!!

It may sound strange but it had never occurred to me that my first blog could be an introduction to myself and family! DOH!!

It’s with thanks to an old school friend and experienced blogger that I’ve seen the blogging light. I shall name her my blogging guru and crown her my blogging queen πŸ™‚

Right then let’s get cracking……..
I’m from Lincolnshire. I started working for Haven Holidays in 2000 while at college studying media. Whilst there my car got stolen and I had to fly the family nest and move into a caravan on site. This gave me the independence I needed and I moved to Cumbria with work and then down to Devon. Still working for Haven, rather inebriated at a bar staff party, playing leap frog (I was young!!) This is where I met my LLP (life long partner πŸ˜‰
Would like to say husband but after twelve years, three house moves, one cat and one child later he still hasn’t popped the question


We took our time becoming a family. We were a couple for seven years and then one evening in March 2008 I had a longing for…………..a cat. Well I’ve never been overly maternal lol.

I tried the cats protection but because we worked full time and lived near a road we were not eligible to adopt a kitty through them (no wonder they’ve got so many! How many people do you know that don’t work and live in the middle of a field?)
I then donned the internet and found a rescue cat, he was perfect just had to have him. So two weeks later we were on the motorway going to pick up the moggy from a service station car park! And yes it felt as dodgy as it sounded.
On the way home LLP wanted to dump the moggy (Ted) on the M5 due to his unpleasant aroma and not forgetting his dislike of cats! I had to work a night shift so left LLP with a bowl of biscuits trying to coax a terrified Ted out from hiding behind the sofa (this remains his safe place to the day). He succeeded and soon grew to love him πŸ™‚ they were in bed together when I returned from my night shift. Ted and I have a bond , he can do no wrong and I will hear no bad words said πŸ˜‰


Let’s jump to 2010. Life was great, work was going well, we were thinking about maybe taking my nursing career abroad. Then I missed a period!! I’ll save the finding out we were pregnant for another day but in short I missed a pill and ended up growing a baby! I felt like my dreams had been shattered.

I sailed through pregnancy, continued to work full time and didn’t look like I was having a baby til I was 8 months pregnant. I worked until a week before my due date 20/02/11 and when I was 10 days overdue I was painting my toenails! I think this is a result of me being a bit in denial. I’d never really wanted children, I liked my own space and enjoyed going to bed late and getting up at lunchtime.

02/03/11 ouch !! At 12:43 an 8lb 4oz baby boy popped into this world. They handed him to me and I can honestly say I’ve never loved anything as much as I loved that little fella. I’ve never been a believer in love at first sight but I was head over heels for him! So was LLP he spent the whole day crying!


Little C is now two and a half years old, we’ve just moved house (it’s been a disastrous move!) a renovation project had to live with the in-laws for 6weeks that turned into 4 months! More about that another time.

And that’s a snippet at us so far.

Β 20131121-230748.jpg

Thanks for taking the time to read this and sorry if I go off on a tangent but that’s me πŸ™‚

bw-IMG_2512-retro 10x12


5 thoughts on “Let the blogging commence

  1. Love your post, I’m new to blogging but hey at least we are putting ourselves out there, nothing ventured nothing gained as they say, keep up the great posts

    • Hello and thanks I’m pleased you’re enjoying them. I find it very confusing and frustrating at times, I’ve written something and with a click of a button I’ve lost it lol. I’m sure we will get there in the end πŸ™‚ xx

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